Junior Engineer for Diagnostics, Integrations, and Support - JEDIS

London £25K-£31K

About this role

JEDIS are the backbone of our business and cover a wide range of on-site, client-facing support, and project based work.

You’ll be part of our Support team (and reporting directly to them) and also be the hands and eyes of our Projects and Infrastructure team as and when required.

You’ll be encountering a wide gamut of challenges, all the while, fully backed up by our entire team. Responsibilities include troubleshooting network issues, configuring MDMs, and using remote tools to provide immediate support. You will use email and chat applications (e.g. Slack, Intercom, etc.) to give clients quick answers to common IT issues. For more complex problems that require detail-oriented instruction, you will contact clients via phone and/or provide clear, written instructions, and technical manuals.

Ultimately, JEDIS are people our team and our clients can trust to get things done. They will rely on you to calmly reassure, provide accurate diagnostics to challenges, document, or triage effectively to escalate up to the correct support pathway.

You’ll be working from home unless a task or visit is assigned to you, whereby you will be expected to be on-site and mobile depending on our requirements. Typically, this would be around 3-4 days a week and may consist of 3-4 client visits per day. All our clients are situated within Central London, zones 1-3.

What will you do as JEDIS at LeftBrain?

You’ll fit right in if you…

Above all, an excellent communicator: friendly, clear, concise, and respectful, be it over the phone, Google Meet, or Slack. Know when to communicate, to whom, and choosing the most appropriate medium to do so.

Technical Competencies

Life at LeftBrain

Founded in 2009, we’ve kept our team of engineers, strategists, and project managers, small and perfectly formed. We’re based in Old Street in London, and Dublin, Ireland.

As a small company, we offer unparalleled opportunities for development and encourage the formation of new roles based on emerging trends and skillsets. In fact, our team has shaped (and continue to shape) who we are today, and a lot of roles currently at LeftBrain were developed by our own team!

Any monkey 🐒 can do tech support nowadays, but what makes us different 💫 is our team and our ethos: We appreciate that work is a fundamental aspect of our lives so we want to make it as fun as possible. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we’re serious about the quality of our work and respecting those around us. We’re not afraid to shake things up for the greater good. We have strong opinions, but open minds. We’re up for a challenge.


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