Welcome Dustin & Charlie!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve gained a couple of new braincells over the past month, adding to the elite team of systems engineers we have to support you and your team, woo hoo!

Dustin previously worked for an Apple Premium Reseller in Cape Town as a Senior Support Specialist. He was also was a team leader and training coach, not only training clients and other staff on how to be bosses, but also by creating Knowledge Base articles with Technical FAQs on how to keep calm and carry on working.

Charlie has an equally impressive background in tech wizardry, with plenty of years experience configuring and supporting Macs and iOS devices in challenging creative spaces such as art galleries and theatres. As a former Apple Genius, Charlie’s a seasoned vet when it come squishing bugs of all shapes and sizes, so we’re thrilled to also have his expertise at hand.

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