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As a forward thinking team, with a track record in enabling businesses to do amazing things with technology, we’ve been hard at work with our team to put the structure and systems in place to allow us to truly enable schools to realise new teaching and learning ambitions through technology.

All too often we hear schools grumble about obstacles to embedding classroom technology in their teaching and learning workflows. Some obstacles are technical, some strategic, others pedagogical, but all are equally important to address in order to ensure that a school’s investment in technology enables them to achieve on their vision for academic excellence. We know how to remove these obstacles!

As we shake things up by providing support to schools unlike any other, expect to see more here and at leftbrain.education on the following:

For now, if your school could use some help (re)deploying and or managing devices, as well as training your staff on how to use them beyond the specs on the boxes they came in, we’d love to show you how!

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