Deployment Planning for iOS 9.3 in Education 🚦


The upcoming release of iOS 9.3 represents a pivotal moment in the enhancement of iOS as a transformative platform for teaching and learning with Apple.

While the release itself ushers in a wealth of improvements for schools using iOS devices, the technical aspects of your existing infrastructure and supporting services will need to be carefully considered in order for you to have a seamless deployment as well as realising all the great new features that Apple has in store for you!

From a technical perspective, there’s are a number technical questions you should have addressed on your roadmap to updating to iOS 9.3, such as:

Which features (if any) in iOS 9.3 will your current devices support?

What are your plans for devices that won’t support iOS 9.3? How do plan on using these devices amongst others running iOS 9.3?

Is your WIFI infrastructure capable of handling an increase in local network traffic?

Do you have a Mac Server and can it be assigned a static IP?

Will your MDM have support for the iOS9.3 features your hoping to use at the time you intend on deploying?

How do you plan on managing BOYi iPads running iOS 9.3?

Does your MIS plan to support and integrate with Apple School Manager?

How many users will your iPads be able to support in a Shared iPad environment?

There’s also subtleties to also consider with regards to how you’ll adapt your overall pedagogical practises to leverage the new features coming with iOS 9.3, but having the right infrastructure as well as roadmap to deployment is a crucial first step.

We’ve been combing through Apple’s technical guides (so you don’t have to) and proactively finding answers to potential snags you’re likely to encounter. Our elite team of engineers, strategists, trainers and project managers would love to share our expertise and guidance in drawing up your deployment plan for iOS 9.3. If you could use our help, we’d be happy to!

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